Tuesday, May 11, 2004

The Price of Gas

I consider myself lucky that I'd never actually seen regular unleaded gas hit the $2.00 per gallon mark until just the other day. (The SuperDuperPremiumWithACherryOnTop, yes, but the regular stuff, no.) I dunno, but this really doesn't hit me all that hard. My wife has a lengthy commute to work (about 35 miles), whereas I do not (about 4), so it evens out; and in the non-work periods, I'm not doing that much driving around anyway. So, yes, that high price sucks, but it's not an item of colossal suckage for me. Especially since we're not in any position to upgrade to a vehicle of better mileage, barring a disastrous breakdown of either vehicle, and since our current mileage isn't great but not horrifyingly bad (roughly 26 mpg for each vehicle).

I'm actually more vexed by the fact that the price of milk has jumped by nearly fifty cents a gallon here. That sucks. Maybe we should start giving dirty looks to those Wisconsin milk barons? Something like, "We stormed Baghdad, so don't think we can't do the same thing to Eau Claire!"

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