Saturday, May 22, 2004

[tap, tap] Is this on? Check, check....

Yep, folks, I disappeared for a couple of days there. It was one of those weird convergences of times when work at The Store was abnormally demanding, when I had several functions to attend with The Daughter, when I had little to say to begin with, and when I just didn't much feel like reading blogs either. (That last was the killer. I almost always am in the mood to read blogs.)

The deal at The Store was that early in the week we learned that on Friday, the President of our company would be stopping by. This, of course, occasioned the launching of Operation Dog and Pony Show, with a great amount of the cleanup work falling on my shoulders. Now, this wasn't all bad, since it resulted in longer hours for me, for which I didn't even have to volunteer. (My ongoing mission to acquire hours by constantly volunteering for them seems to be paying off, with the managers now assuming that I want them before I ask. It WILL be mine, oh yes....)

Strangely, though, by the time Friday morning rolled around, everyone at The Store had gone so over-the-top in getting everything ready that there was literally nothing more to be done at that point. I spent my hours on the job yesterday mostly wandering around, sweeping this and wiping that. And the ultimate kicker was that my work day ended before the President of the company ever arrived. All that buildup, and no payoff. Kind of like last year's Super Bowl.

I'm still in "recovery" mode, but theoretically, posting should heat up again, at least a bit. I think. You never know. Or do you?

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