Sunday, May 30, 2004

A Very Public Service Announcement

OK, folks. When picking a movie to watch, you really need to take stock of a few things. Don't pick a movie that will remind you of the problems you're trying to escape for two hours.

For instance, suppose you're a high school senior on the cusp of graduation and you've just been uncermoniously dumped by a girl and you just want a movie to take your mind off that particular package of angst. That being the case, do not watch Say Anything.

Likewise, if you find that in your current job you nearly always work by yourself, and you nearly always end up eating lunch alone, and well over ninety percent of your conversations with other people at work consist of nothing more than them asking you to do stuff, and your work schedule is reversed from your spouse's such that you barely see that person five days a week, do not -- please oh please -- pass a Saturday night after putting the kid to bed by watching The Bridges of Madison County.

I only have your sanity and emotional well-being at heart, Gentle Readers.

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