Monday, May 10, 2010

Sentential Links #205


:: So, what the hell, New Guy? You couldn't have waited just another 20 minutes for us to drive the 1.5 miles to the hospital? It's OK, sweetheart. Mommy's not mad. We did it together and you're healthy and perfect, and we got one hell of a story out of it -- which, as you will come to realize, is always important. (My friend Kerry spent Mother's Day recovering from committing an act of Motherhood several days before. Go give her come love and some congratulations!)

You know what? That's it for this week. Kerry and Baby Ian get this week's edition all to themselves. More next week!

1 comment:

Kerry said...

"An act of Motherhood" -- bwahhhhaaaahahaaahaaa!

This kid owes me big time.