Wednesday, May 05, 2010

A Random Wednesday Conversation Starter

So, obviously I forgot to put one of these up this morning. We're going through an annoying bit of flux here at Casa Jaquandor. Nothing major, but The Wife's days off from work have changed from Thursday-Friday to Wednesday-Thursday, and this is the first week of the change, so we're all accustomed to Tuesday not being her "Friday" and her not being home on Wednesday, so this whole day has felt Thursdayish. Weird.

In that spirit, are your weekly routines easily upset by stuff like this, or are you pretty much able to adapt instantly to changes in schedules?


Lynn said...

I hate change. Except when I like it. Actually, I guess I adapt pretty well but there's usually a "dammit" or two whenever I have to change my routine.

Roger Owen Green said...

I love change, especially dimes and quarters.

Actually, something EVERY week throws off my schedule. I've known what I was going to blog about Saturday for a cpuple weeks. It's relatively short. Can I write about it? I cannot. Ditto Mother's Day; in the head, where it remains...