Monday, May 10, 2010

Hey, do you think "muffin" was a euphemism for something?

I watched Betty White on Saturday Night Live the other night, and I found it for the most part very enjoyable, hilarious at times and occasionally "meh". (I didn't stay up for the whole show, actually; I went to bed after "Weekend Update", happy to let the visions of Tina Fey behind the newsdesk once again dance about in my head.)

White did a really good job on the show. I have to confess that I'm just not that huge a fan of Betty White. I have no problem with her whatsoever; I don't dislike her at all. But I admit that I just don't get why it's become the case of late that anything with Betty White in it is automatically considered Awesome. (And to be honest, I didn't like Golden Girls much at all, but that's certainly not Betty White's fault. The show just didn't amuse me much.)

But as for SNL? Some great stuff there. The opening sketch, a parody of Lawrence Welk, went on a bit too long, but White's monologue was one of the better monologues I've seen on SNL in a long time. There was a sketch in which White appeared on what appeared to be a Latino talk show. I actually dosed off during this sketch, but I'm willing to grant that this may be due to my almost always being asleep by 11:30 pm than because of the sketch. The "muffin" sketch was hilarious, and I also found the next one funny as well ("Maybe it's because she's a lesbian!"). All in all, I thought White did a great job on the show.

I also listened to Jay-Z's rap performance, and it confirmed what I've always thought about rap music: I admire the artistry at work in it, but man oh man, is it ever not my cup of tea. It doesn't appeal to me at all, but I don't hate it and I would certainly never claim that "rap isn't music".

Anyway, kudos to Betty White. Next week we'll have Alec Baldwin hosting SNL for what must be the 89th time. I think Baldwin has probably appeared on the show more times than John Belushi by now. Yeesh! (Actually, I've just looked it up, and it's not even close. This will be Baldwin's 20th appearance. Belushi appeared in 88 episodes.)


redsneakz said...

I didn't watch the muffin - er, Betty White - episode, but I did catch some of her skits in Internetland. I'm with you on Golden Girls, but I loved her in Mary Tyler Moore. That proves that it's all about the show, I guess.

It seems that it's all about nostalgia. Her longevity speaks to her skills and attractiveness as a person. She's a very good actor and comedian (yes,I know, actress and comedienne, but those are sort of limiting, no?), but not among the all time greats - which in my opinion means that she couldn't carry a TV show on her own.

M in B-ville said...

Betty White I'm in love with. Why? Well, for me. I'm 59, and maybe it starts there. Also, female, white, well educated, of an age to appreciate how "hard it was." I don't know exactly when I became aware of BW -- probably the Mary Tyler Moore Show was crucial, but somehow I was aware of her even before then. (Her husband Alan, to whom she was devoted, on the original Password.) (Golden Girls is a footnote, from my point of view.) She always reminded me of so many women I grew up with, already "liberated" in some fundamental way even as they played out "conventional" roles. And full of life and love. Hey, not unlike you! Why I return here regularly, for sanity and love. So, you're more like Betty White than you seem to know!