Saturday, May 08, 2010

The Preznit!

Next Thursday, President Obama is scheduled to spend some time in Buffalo. Now, I'll be working, so unless one of his stops is The Store, I doubt very much that I'll be in any position to see him. But his previous stop is a town in Ohio, so with any luck, his flight plan will be similar to that taken by President Bush in 2004 -- the last sitting President to visit Buffalo -- who actually flew over The Store in Air Force One while on final approach. I've never forgotten that day, as I was one of two people to even look up and see the plane above us and the only one to realize what plane that was. So I'm keeping an eye out for the specific details of Obama's visit, trying to find out his specific arrival time at Buffalo Niagara International Airport so I can find a reason to be outside about twenty minutes before that and keep an eye out for that magnificent airplane. I can't wait.

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