Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday Burst of Weirdness

Oddities abound!

:: I can't help but start laughing whenever I hear the theme song to Benny Hill. Not sure what that is, since I'm not generally a huge fan of Benny Hill to begin with, but wow, that tune just hits my funny bone, for some reason.

That said, this use of it is blasphemous, I say. Blasphemous!

:: Star Trek fans who were around in the 1970s may remember a really bad series of Trek comic books from Gold Key Comics. These were really bad. As in, awful. Their awfulness has become something of a legend in the annals of comic book adaptations...but I didn't know, until I read this SFSite article, that there was a similar thing going on in Britain, with some other company doing awful versions of Trek comics, with hilarious results that came from the creators not even having seen the show before they started putting their comics out there. Check out this panel, full of jaw-dropping bad-Trek hilarity:

So many errors! The Enterprise landing on a planet! The landing party led by Captain Kurt! The landing party disembarking the ship via a staircase that pops out the bottom of the secondary hull! All that is funny, but what made me laugh out loud was the depiction of the forward sensor array (the ball-turret looking thing at the bottom of the saucer section) as some kind of shuttlecraft that just drops right out of the ship for a landing. That just struck me as gut-bustingly hilarious.

:: 20 Brilliant Bookcases. A few of these notions are interesting-looking, but there's only one here that strikes me as genuinely useful. But then, I'm pretty much utilitarian when it comes to storing books.

More next week!

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