Monday, May 04, 2009


Some recent notes on food and drink:

:: I shouldn't like this stuff, but I do. It's Blueberry Lager. I've had "fruit beers" before, and they always taste like beer with added fruit flavorings, not unlike Cherry Coke. This beverage, however, tastes like blueberry soda with the beer added. It's an odd item, to be sure. It also has nice alcohol content and, when you pour it, the head is purple. So, in honor of the impending release of Star Trek, I am going to pretend that this stuff is Romulan Bock. (No, I will not be serving it at diplomatic functions.)

:: My readers in the Midwest will be familiar with "broasted chicken", a delicacy out there that is generally hard to come by in other locales. Well, a few weeks ago we learned of a pizza place in nearby Hamburg that sells broasted chicken, and last week, we made the trek there and picked up a bucket of the crispy golden stuff. Oh mama, how I've missed broasted chicken since leaving Iowa! Local readers, if you're interested, the place is Koz's Pizza, on Camp Road in Hamburg.

(What is "broasted chicken"? It's chicken that's been broasted. Duh! But seriously, "broasting" is actually a trademarked process, so you can't call your chicken "broasted" if you're not using the gizmo made by the company that makes "broasters". But what it basically entails is battering the chicken and then cooking it in a method that combines deep frying and pressure cooking. Done right, this results in chicken with a wonderfully crispy skin and a wonderfully moist inside.)

:: Longtime readers may recall that I have long pined for my favorite snack food of all time, Planters Cheez Balls. Oooooh, how I miss my Cheez Balls! Well, I may not have been reunited with the real thing, but I have found the closest thing to them that I'm ever likely to find, barring the re-entry of Planters into the Tasty Cheese Snack market: Snikiddy Grilled Cheese Puffs. They're a bit on the pricy side, being one of them new-fangled Organic, All Natural, hippie snacks, but that's right up my alley anyway, so I love 'em. Hooray!


The Earl of Obvious said...


Blueberry Beer?!!

With all due respect, what edict shall we in the kingdom expect next? Manscaping our body hair?

Mimi said...

I don't like beer, but I love blueberries, I think I need to try this. Thanks