Monday, May 04, 2009

Sentential Links #168

Click your way to a happier future and a head full of hair!

:: I apologize to my fellow liberals for revealing this conspiracy, but America deserves to know the truth. (Crap. I was in line for my very own Star Destroyer.)

:: And yet, I feel like I might live to be 500. Wouldn’t that be cool? I can hardly wait to see what the world will be like in the 25th century.

:: “Artist, please draw more attention to the severed head.”

:: I may as well tell you up front, so you know where my bias lies: Deep Space Nine was, and is, my favorite of all the Star Trek series. And I'll fight anyone who's got a problem with that, bub. (Mine, too, and for all the reasons this fellow gives.)

:: The reader gets the thrills of action, adventure, daring-do, and a lengthy explanation of the difficulties of searching for a star that might have a planet in a large area of space. Fortunately there is a girl along to ask the dumb questions. (Nice post about the charms of reading old SF. I find it can depend on the writer and the age of the work; my mind rebelled some time back when I read a story by Edmund Hamilton that had spaceships landing on the surface of Neptune.)

:: It's like someone going into Baskin-Robbins and not bothering to look at any of the flavors, but just going straight for the chocolate--every time. Yeah, maybe the chocolate is good, but every single time? (I'll admit that I'm looking forward to the new Trek movie, but not because I want some more Trek, but because I have an itch for some explodey-spaceshippy goodness that isn't getting scratched any other way, outside of books and comics, and I just want a movie with some explodey-spaceshippy goodness. But again, did it have to be Kirk and company? Why not a whole new ship, with a whole new crew? Why does it have to be Trek at all?)

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