Thursday, May 21, 2009

Something for Thursday

Not much need for a lot of introductory stuff here, I suppose; just one of the most gorgeous unions of piano and cello in existence. Here's Rachmaninov's famous Vocalise.


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful. Thanks for expanding my world yet again! I don't know much about classical music, wish I did, and I really enjoyed that.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

As an addict to rock and roll I had to force myself to listen to classical music at first. After about 7 months I started finding situations where I not only preferred it to Rock but craved it: a fall day driving n a country road, the air crisp and cool the windows down nonetheless and Mozart's Oboe concerto playing.

I am still learning to appreciate it and this is how I crashed upon Byzantium's Shores. Jaq is a fine tutor.

Roger Owen Green said...

my high school girlfriend played/plays cello - always had a soft spot for the sound of the strings, the cello but also the bass and viola.
wv: loonc - craziness.