Monday, May 11, 2009

Sentential Links #169


:: But does Cheney really believe that in a battle for the judgment of the American people, and for history, he will win a brawl with Colin Powell, with a man who is actually on record early on warning of the dire consequences of weakening or abandoning the Geneva Conventions?

:: Hello, you're on Car Talk. (Hee hee! And be sure to read the mouseover text.)

:: DOWNER: Star Trek maybe played a bit too space-opera and not enough sci-fi (I just know that my reaction to this movie is going to be downright schizophrenic.)

:: As I think of those lists for looking at houses, it makes me ponder what sort of lists I would craft for my life. (A typically thought-provoking post from Belladonna!)

:: I got up this morning and looked out the window to see the whole gang of chickens lolly-gagging outside the kitchen door. (I love the word "lollygagging".)

:: Al Qaeda is not composed of immortal, superpowered, super-intelligent boogeymen, and behaving as if it is only gives them power over us. I, for one, am sick of being scared, or, more accurately, of politicians and talk-radio personalities telling me I ought to be.

:: I have had a long talk with the Count. I asked him a few questions on Transylvania history, and he warmed up to the subject wonderfully. In his speaking of things and people, and especially of battles, he spoke as if he had been present at them all. (This person is blogging the novel Dracula in "real time". The novel is told in letters and diary entries, so each item is posted on the actual date in the novel. What an ingenious concept!)

:: In a panic about grades and my scholarship I turned for help and ended up at P.D.'s apartment. His solution? Everything would be fine and he gave me a bowl of vanilla ice cream. (My friend Robert Guttke, an artist, has started a blog, on which he is wonderfully and movingly recounting his experiences with the college teacher who was perhaps the strongest influence in his life. Do check it out.)

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Lord Chlorus said...

I'm outing myself here as a lurker on your blog - I think I started reading it late last year after following a reference from one of the classical music usenet groups in which you used to post. Anyway, I followed the link to your friend Robert Guttke's blog and was stunned to see Prof Dedrick! I went to Rockford College in the late 70's and had just one class with Dedrick: Art Appreciation. He was extremely nearsighted at the time, and slides were frequently upside down, which he rarely noticed. Such was the respect for the man among the students that there was never so much as a single titter during any of these mishaps; we absorbed his insightful comments just fine on slides that by then must have been just blurs to him.
Thanks for the link!