Saturday, May 30, 2009

The pipes still work!

Sorry for the radio silence the last few days, but Real Life got pretty busy for a few days, so busy that in the few moments I had where I could conceivably have posted something, I just didn't feel like it. No, nothing bad happened; in fact, it was all good stuff. The Daughter had her first concerts as part of a couple of school music groups: she was in chorus Wednesday night, and then the orchestra (she plays the double bass) the second. The first concert ended up being quite long, as the program featured a number of groups from two different elementary schools in the district; the second was shorter, but there was an ice cream outing afterwards. Curse you, Cold Stone Creamery! (And the cute teenager who was making our sundaes that night said several times while making mine how much she loves whipped cream. I think she was flirting. Yay, me! I still got it!*)

We also had to finally get finished up on our teevee viewing, by knocking off the Grey's Anatomy season finale. Wow, I love that show. The finale featured one of the more effective "OMG!!" moments I've seen on a teevee show the last few years, when the identity of the horribly-injured-in-a-disfiguring-way-if-he-even-survives John Doe was revealed. (I realized who he was about a minute before the actual reveal happened.) And the show had me thinking, "Oh, don't die, Izzie! Don't die!" Which is amazing because I can't stand Izzie. There's some good writing, there.

But anyway, that's why there was a profound lack of blogging the last few days. Normal posting will resume...soon. Heh.

* OK, I know, not really. She was just happy and bubbly with all the customers. Yeesh.


Lynn said...

Wow. Your daughter plays the double bass? That is extremely cool! I hope she enjoys it and keeps on playing.

Thee Earl of Obvious said...

I am trying to coax my 5 year old into taking an interest in the piano but so far no dice. Do you think its luck that they get interested or did you do something to cultivate the interest?