Monday, May 18, 2009

Sentential Links #170

Our one hundred seventieth edition of Sentential Links! This occasion calls for...more links.

:: This is Roger Moore's second Bond movie, and one of his best. (Huh-whuh?!)

:: She denies this, but we're often late because she'll take on one last thing - doing one last load of laundry, pick up a few things. I'm usually late because i just lose track of time reading. (And a happy anniversary to them!)

:: The so-called "conservatives" just don't get it: they've lost the last two elections and are desperately trying to regain some power without, apparently, ever looking at the reasons they lost -- one of which is public disgust with the very tactics that they're preparing to use once again. If anything could convince me that the right wing is completely bereft of any ideas or any real philosophy, this is the sort of thing that will do it. The open cynicism about their motives is enough in itself to turn me off. Couldn't they at least pretend to have some principles and standards?

:: We've effectively been told that the only person who should face real scrutiny for the Bush/Cheney torture scandal is the liberal, powerless, then-House Minority Leader who opposes torture.

:: I love the "Shuffle" feature on the iPod. Mostly I love it on my own Pod because it reminds me that I possess such amazingly excellent and eclectic taste in music. But also, it forces me to explore bits and pieces of my collection that I rarely visit.

:: Ich liebe dich meine schöne, süße Frau.

:: David: So was that whole kids thing the dealbreaker you mentioned?

Me: Actually, no. It was more about his misuse of apostrophes.


Lynn said...

I wonder if lateness and punctuality run in families. My mother-in-law was a "one last thing" person. I would pick her up to go shopping or something and she would spend 30 to 45 minutes doing one last things and my husband is the exact same way. I'll be ready to go somewhere he'll have to do four or five one last things. But my mother and I... when we're ready to go we're both ready to go.

Roger Owen Green said...

Families, yes. My mother and both my sisters tend to be late - we've missed a photo session, a wedding, a dinner...

Anonymous said...

Then powerless minority leader HA HA

Wasn't she the speaker of the house for um, 2 and 1//2 years now?!!!

Stay away from politics Abby Skywalker. Its not your game.

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly, I say sarcastically, you did not link this quote:

The level of hypocrisy and incoherence it takes for Republicans to point to Pelosi as being some sort of key figure in this scandal is astounding. And the fact that the press corps would latch on to this rather ridiculous diversion is telling."

Substitute Democrat for Republicans, Palin for Pelosi and assume the reference is pointed toward the reverend wright fiasco or the pregnant daughter fiasco or the otherwise talentless Tina Fey impersonations(yeah Skywalker that is for you) and you may understand how silly it is to align yourself with these political garbage blogs.

Kelly Sedinger said...

Anon: Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with my comments policy, lest I delete any further comments you place here.

While you're at it, look up what position Nancy Pelosi had at the time the CIA briefings she is supposedly lying about took place. In 2003. Which was six years ago. When she wasn't Speaker. Do try to follow along.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

Uh, What?

I guess you took my comments as a personal attack. Not intended. Abbie(Hoffman) (Luke) Skywalker is I feel a fitting moniker but I will cease if it bothers you. Again not an attack.

I disagree with your liberal slant. I think it appropriate here to ask you to grow a thicker skin.

I will try to follow if YOU do. Pelosi as house minority leader was hardly powerless to call an inquiry into waterboarding if she saw fit. She DID not need to be speaker of the house to call for such an inquiry. The fact that she has been speaker of the house makes the lack of one though totally inexcusable IF THIS WAS HER POSITION.

I mean, doesn't the elapsed time make you at least a little lost as to what she really wants to do on this issue?

Why are you Ok with the speaker attacking the CIA in atrocious public display of mudslinging and appalled at the speaker being attacked by FOX news?

Come on..

Kelly Sedinger said...

Abbie Hoffman? You've got to be kidding. And suggesting I need a thicker skin, when earlier you didn't get your hyperventilating done in one comment and had to come back twenty minutes later for another, doesn't hold a great deal of water.

As for what outrages me: torture outrages me far more than when Nancy Pelosi may or may not have known about it. Actual wrongdoing outrages me far more than whatever the Minority Leader was doing about it six years ago, when any act on her part would almost certainly have been seen as grandstanding and neutered on that basis -- assuming that she is lying about what she knew and when she knew it. All this fake outrage about Pelosi is exactly that: fake outrage, in hopes of diverting attention from the real thing. FOX News even admitted as much today. But hey, if Republicans want to keep the fact that the Bush Administration tortured people in the headlines, by all means, go right ahead.

Anonymous said...

If the red white and blue bandanna fits..

Torture outrages me too. Especially when I see someones head cut off. I do not think we should stoop to the same level but I also don't think our brave soldiers should be treated like criminals when they are following schizophrenic orders. What should we have moral anarchy among the ranks? The gentle woman from California was in a better position to do something about it than were you or I. I don't know about you but I was suspicious when the famous GITMO pictures were released. How long ago was that? WHERE WAS THE INQUIRY?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps there was an EARNEST investigation:

On the other hand maybe not

You know I really want to believe the right thing is being done. Sometimes cynicism take over

Roger Owen Green said...

I suppose, Anon, that it seems obvious to me that a continued public justification of "by any means necessary" (i.e., torture) by a certain former official who was in charge six years ago is making us far less safe than the protestations (or lack of same) by the then-minority leader, especially when anything the minority leader might have said would have been painted as treasonous by the now-former official and his cohorts.