Monday, March 30, 2009

Sentential Links #163

Clicking our way to happiness and fulfillment:

:: So we're driving around, bickering, and Sarah says, "Whenever you call me a rule utilitarian it makes my womb clench."

:: The question of whether we are alone in the Universe, and even if there are other planets capable of sustaining life, is certainly deeply ingrained in our minds. This is one of the biggest remaining unanswered philosophical questions in science!

:: Pics of celebs eating hot dogs. Get going. (And now I want a hot dog.)

:: DOLLHOUSE is disappointing so far; it's like watching a guy do two seconds of juggling five butcher knives before he puts them down to show you slideshows of his Aunt Ethel visiting the Grand Canyon. (I still have yet to watch anything beyond the pilot episode, which I liked. I've got them all saved, but I haven't watched them yet. I just liked this quote.)

:: I just want to say this: just because you're a vegetarian doesn't mean you don't have to bathe.

:: What a fantastic story ! And what incredible music ! Don't miss the experience of getting to know Wagner's Ring. (A very nice classical music blog I'd forgotten I bookmarked.)

:: Full of excitement, danger and thrilling locations, this remains my favorite Bond film of them all. (Which one? Go look!)

:: When is endurance tenacity to be admired and when it is just plain bull headedness that goes against all common sense? What kind of criteria makes sense for determining when to hold on and when to let go?

:: But also, because this seems like a pretty darn good business to get into as long as we're going to be having a Depression and nobody is going to be willing to pay musicians such as myself. After all, even jobless people will obviously be needing magical amulets: to help them get new jobs, to help them pay their bills, to help them get girlfriends even though their cars have been repossessed... (I want one that will bring me unending supplies of pizza and pie!)

:: DO NOT INSTALL IE8 ON VISTA HOME PREMIUM!!!!! (Aieee! That sounds disastrous. I had IE8 on the other computer, the XP machine, and while it wasn't disastrous as SDB experienced with Vista, it completely gummed up the program I use to rip DVDs. So I switched back to IE7. Of course, none of this crap happens on a Mac!)

:: Wow it's Leonard Nimoy's birthday too! That man rocks, I love his acting, his photography, even his music! Now to celebrate the life of this true renaissance man here are 5 facts you may or may not have known about him! (I had no idea! Happy belated birthday, Mr. Nimoy!)

More next week. Tune in then. And before!

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