Tuesday, March 17, 2009


UPDATE: Dammit.

Best wishes for a speedy and complete recovery to actress Natasha Richardson, who was critically injured in a skiing accident earlier today. She's a beautiful and intelligent actress whose work I always enjoy.

Richardson is married to Liam Neeson, one of my favorite actors. They starred together in Nell, a movie I didn't like, but not through any fault of the principal actors.

(Image courtesy natasha-richardson.org.)

UPDATE: As noted above, Natasha Richardson has died of her injuries. Awful, awful news.


Mimi said...

I heard about that. Prayers.

I liked "Nell" myself.

Call me Paul said...

It was interesting to me that news reports from traditional media sources were quite circumspect, and conservative in reporting this incident. Mere hours after the accident, several high profile Internet sources were reporting that Ms. Richardson had already been declared brain dead, and was simply being kept on life support until she could be moved home to be with family when life suppport was removed. Traditional media sources were a good 24 hours behind in reporting her condition accurately. No value judgements here, just noting facts.

Roger Owen Green said...

I had had a bad feeling about this from the start. I'd heard the stuff Paul read.
It does show the differences between traditional journalism, which can be sensitive to families, and the blogisphere, which needs to get the "facts" out ASAP. (Of course, MSM can also cover up govt stuff it oughtn't.)