Tuesday, March 10, 2009

But for the Grace....

Every year, it happens: someone forgets that their kid is in the car on a hot day while they go inside and do something, and the kid dies of hyperthermia. And every time it happens, the chorus comes: "How can anyone do this? What kind of awful person does this? How is this even possible?"

Here's some insight into this phenomenon.

This is, as one might expect, a gut-wrenching story to read. Beware.


LC Scotty said...

That is pretty gut wrenching, and since I know it could happen to me I've taken steps.

I keep a grounding strap in the truck. It's got a thin, coiled wire that is about 6' when fully extended, has an alligator clip at one end and a wrist strap at the other. I put the wrist band on my right hand and clip the other end to the seat when Ava is in the truck with me.

OT-the "word verification" text looks like it should be a word. It's "cyardists"

Roger Owen Green said...

Thanks...I think.