Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Farewell to Sylvia

Well, voting has closed on my inaugural "Make Me Read!" poll, and it wasn't even close. Sylvia Plath got stomped. I guess there are no fans of hers among my readers? Or maybe people just think that Hemingway is better. Who knows -- but The Bell Jar got a single lone vote, while A Farewell to Arms got fourteen. So, Hemingway it is. Bring him on! And thanks for voting. The next poll will appear when I finish Arms, and thus begin GGK's Tigana.


JPDeni said...

I'm the only one to vote for The Bell Jar, huh? Well, as I said, it's not an easy read. I find Plath to be much more satisfying than Hemingway's simplicity, but others obviously don't.

Enjoy the book!

Anonymous said...

The Bell Jar is one of those books that You read to do a Book Report on that will WOW your High School Teacher


Call me Paul said...

I thought I was the one who voted for The Bell Jar. Maybe your poll isn't working too well. But I wasn't voting honestly. I was thinking more of subjecting you to punishment. 'Cause I'm a dick like that.

Anonymous said...

Read Sylvia Plath's powerful poem on suicide:

Composed 4 months before her death.