Monday, March 02, 2009

Sentential Links #160

The one hundred sixtieth edition! Hooray! For this edition I'm going to do something I haven't done in a while: wander through someone else's blogroll and pick my Sentential Links accordingly, each from a blog that to my knowledge I've never visited before. This time, I'm using Tom the Dog's blogroll. (And I hope Tom himself resumes regular posting sometime in the future!)

Let's get going:

:: Maybe you would have been better served had you expressed your feelings through pottery or self-flagellation.

:: In the image of a skeleton playing a guitar shown here, you can see the fragility of life in the slumped shoulders and spine. Because of that, you can also see its opposite: the determination to live in the cocked angle of the knee and in the bowed skull, so deep in concentration.

:: Ever wonder what would happen if a past his prime comic book legend was allowed to let his ego loose and produce, for want of a better word, fanwank? Prepare to find out. (Hmmmm. Not sure if that interests me or not....)

:: Thing is, even if the alarm I hear is totally whoop-free, my reaction will be the same: I will run in no particular pattern or direction, screaming like a little girl.

:: I could write a book about this guy. Maybe I’ve watched too much IDOL in the last 8 years, but this is just what the show needed — someone to punk Simon Cowell. (I am so behind on AI this season -- I missed two weeks due to travel out west, and last week's shows got delayed because of President Obama's pseudo-SOTU address, and Wednesday was Ash Wednesday, so I was out being all penitent and stuff. I need to get back up to speed, pronto. I was irritated by that Tatiana girl, although the part of me that fell hard for Mirna on The Amazing Race is intrigued by Tatiana, so....)

:: If that kind of storytelling is somehow wrong, then a lot of movies are too. Whether the subjects are white, brown, black or whatever shouldn't matter if the story is worth telling.

:: One of the reasons we as humans band together into tribes is to protect the most vulnerable among us. Children fall under that category. By attempting to balance the books at the expense of their protection and well-being, my state legislators have said a lot about their own negligible humanity.

:: I couldn't "run" a "blog" that's "supposedly" about "slasher movies" for almost four "years" and not have reviewed Friday the 13th (1980) and My Bloody Valentine (1981) before today.

All for this week. Check 'em out! It's always fun to broaden the blog horizons.

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