Monday, March 09, 2009

Sentential Links #161


:: Chances are if we've ever been outside together, drinking a beer, I might have fallen in love with you. (Luckily I never drank beer outside with her; I'd have likely been the exception to her rule. Oh well....)

:: I’ve never before seen both ends of a rainbow at once, and I wish that I had the ability to show you the entire expanse of arc and magic, lifting and sinking from the sea like a colorful slinky toy.

:: I hate to think that our civilization could be lost because we'd digitized our culture.

:: We are all online, to one degree or another, varying mainly in how much privacy we want to preserve, how much space between ourselves and our work, and between ourselves and our public. The dynamic between authors and readers is fundamentally altered by all of this. George Martin may end up having to post his daily workouts, down to calories burned, weights lifted, pulse rates before and after. With video, to prove it. It has probably been suggested to him already. (Not a blog post, but an article by Guy Gavriel Kay about the recent "Hey GRRM, howzabout a little less conventionin' and a little more writin'!" flap.)

:: If I had run out of The Crying Game screaming “The chick’s a dude!” as people were waiting to see it for the first time, it would be a case of justifiable homicide. But now, in 2009? Sorry, man. You missed your window to be outraged. (I just want it noted that I brought part of this subject up first, but since I have several orders of magnitude fewer readers than John Scalzi does, he gets all the glory. Harumph.)

:: No, if a conservative's worst fear and liberal's fondest dream comes true, then America might get it's culture back, people actually might not go to bed hungry or sick at night, and our ecosystem and economy might just hold hands and chant Baraka.

:: I love cemeteries. I often visit them. They're often quiet and very green. I love to look at the tombstones and other markers. I feel the pull of history too when I'm in a cemetery.

:: Thanks for not eating me. (A plug for my favorite webcomic ever. Seriously, if you haven't read The Abominable Charles Christopher yet, please oh please go read it from the beginning.)

More next week. Tune in, Star Warriors!!!

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