Tuesday, March 24, 2009

All it needs is a laser

As a proud Maintenance Man, at The Store I have a nicely impressive tool bag, full of all manner of nifty hand tools and whatnot. Someday I'll post pictures of my tools, just because I think tools are cool (I've come to the point where walking into Lowe's or Home Depot gives me much the same feeling that walking into a toy store did when I was a kid). I actually have two tool bags, both of which I push around The Store in a shopping cart (we have a new style of cart, two-tiered but shorter, which are ideal for this purpose), along with my 18V DeWalt cordless drill, a Stanley hardware box, and a small electrical repair kit (which I have yet to use, as I know nothing about electrical repair -- but I keep hoping).

However, there are also several other tools that I don't keep in the bags but rather right on my person, so if I encounter a quick fix, I'm all set. I always have a 30' tape measure clipped to my belt, a utility knife and a Swiss Army knife in one pocket and a small flashlight in the other (this flashlight is uncommonly bright, actually, since it has twelve LED bulbs. I always carry a small notepad, a pen and a mechanical pencil, and a telescoping magnet in my back pocket. The telescoping magnet is incredibly useful. Also, I carry a pair of wire-cutters, or diagonal pliers, as they're technically known (also called "dikes" by old-timers).

But the real important tool that's always on my person -- my Walther PPK, my wand from Ollivander's, my lightsaber -- is my multi-driver. It's made by Klein Tools, and this thing has saved my life (figuratively, obviously) on many occasions. Now, way back when, I sang the praises of Klein tools and their 10-in-1 driver, but now they've pushed the envelope a little farther: the 10-in-1 has been supplanted by the 11-in-1. This thing has two Philips tips, two slotted screw tips, two square-drive tips, two Torx tips, and three nut drivers.

Oh yeah. I am the Tool Master.

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Anonymous said...

Oooo! A telescoping magnet? I want one!