Thursday, January 04, 2007

A workplace observation, of sorts

As much as I love The Office, cumulative watching of this show strains my ability to believe that a guy as completely inept as Michael could get promoted in the first place, let alone remain in his managerial position without getting fired.


All Things Jennifer said...

AGREED AGREED AGREED! I thought for certain that he woul dhave been suspended or something after the Gay Witch Hunt episode. And then with the blck criminal in the office and breaking confidentiality. The lawyer in me cringes when I see it happen, I wish the show would somehow realisatically address these issues. I think the BBC version was better in that regard.

Anonymous said...

You've obviously never worked in some of the same places that I have.
Actually, I'm with you on that. I watch it and think there's no way this guy would last. I realize that it's part of the show but I think it stretches what he gets away with.

They could probably tone it down, have him straddling that line and still make it funny.

Anonymous said...

Well, you're right and wrong...

I've worked with some Michael Scott level idiots in my time and they usually stick around because their employees produce and bottom line thinking usually leads to that manager staying in power as long as the numbers come in.

Teased throughout the show's history are hints that Dwight and Jim are the top two salespeople in the company and Michael on ocassion delivers a windfall himself. Think back to the episode where he's at Chili's with Jan and the guy from the Scranton government. Or when he went to the conference in this year's first episode and won a big deal with Hammermill or some other office supply company.