Thursday, January 04, 2007


I'm finding today's swearing-in of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the US House of Representatives a little bittersweet. It's a great moment for the country and a great moment for progressives, but it saddens me a little that here we are, over two decades after Great Britain elevated a woman to its highest governmental position, and over a decade after South Africa elevated a black man to its highest governmental position, and we -- the world's bastion of freedom and equality -- have only just now got round to elevating a woman to our third highest governmental position.

But enough of that -- and better late than never, anyway.

Digby has a typically excellent post about Pelosi's arrival:

Congratulations America.

It may have taken 230 years, but you finally got here. By hook or by crook, and the prodding and pushing of liberals and progressives, you always do.


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