Monday, January 15, 2007

Gnash, gnash, rend, rend

Oh, San Diego Chargers -- how on Earth could you get the upper hand on the New England Stupid Patriots, and then just basically say, "You know what, we don't want this game! You guys take it!" Gahhh, it makes me vomit. Idiotic penalties (headbutting a StuPat right in front of the ref, after you've sacked Brady on fourth down?!), selfish play (attempting an interception return into heavy traffic, resulting in a fumble), and an amazingly bad coaching decision (challenging a call that had so clearly been the correct call that not even the Charger faithful were cheering when Schottenheimer threw the red flag)? Giving LaDanian Tomlinson one carry in their drive after the StuPats had tied it up, and going pass-wacky, resulting in two incompletions and a three-and-out?

Between all that, and that "But I'm the Anointed One! I'm supposed to be winning!" look on Tom Brady's face for most of the game, that game was the most vomitous football watching experience I've had since...whatever the last time the StuPats won the Super Bowl was.

Go Colts. (Sure, that always ends well....)

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Roger Owen Green said...

an interception return on a 4th down play, which, if he had just swatted down the ball would have given SD the ball in good field position.