Monday, January 08, 2007

Sentential Links #82

OK, I'm going to keep the submissions open for Reader Submitted Best of 2006 for another week, seeing as how only two people have submitted anything. Come on, folks! You have to have read something on some blog, somewhere, during 2006 that you think deserves a better fate than to forever languish in the archives of some blog or other! Find the rough guidelines here.

And now on with this week's links. This week's edition is more political than most, for some reason. It all goes with my mood.

:: Pajamas Media may have just fathered its own self-inflicted Rathergate.

:: Actually, if liberals had in fact "desperately wanted to lose" the Iraq war, they'd have proceeded precisely as G.W. Bush has: half-assedly, with no exit strategy, and then incompetently at every turn thereafter.

But for some reason, wingnuts keep pretending that it's the left that wants to lose, when it's quite clear that the problem is that the right has no idea how to win.

:: It appears that Republicans were against flip-floppers before they were for them.

:: Any argument for more war is, in the eyes of the Washington Establishment, always, by definition "serious." We invaded a country, unleashed the greatest strategic disaster in our history, wrought complete chaos and anarchy in that country, have squandered hundreds of billions of dollars and thousands upon thousands of lives, and now some want to send still more troops and escalate what we have been doing? That's a very "serious argument." (Two links to the same blog, but the posts have different authors.)

:: For a long time I have been saying that actually reading books is overrated. Now I have an unlikely ally: librarians. (An idiosyncratic take on the "weeding the classics" pseudo-controversy, e-mailed to me by the author, and linked with appreciation.)

:: It's like wandering through a petting zoo in Hell. (This blog belongs to an interesting individual whom I remember from an earlier incarnation -- and whom I mocked, perhaps undeservedly so -- who generally has strong opinions on stuff, and some skill at expressing those strong opinions. Anyway, this is an older post of his, but it seems appropriate to link given all the nonsense we've endured here in Buffalo as Bass Pro tries to decide whether or not to build an Outdoor World here.)

:: "Jesus saves!!! The rest of you take full damage." (This is a comment, actually, from the latest "DM of the Rings" entry, which may also be the funniest one yet. This devolves in comments to a discussion of role-playing humor slogans on T-shirts, with someone offering the above-quoted bit of brilliance.)

:: I was watching a taped mauy-thay kick-boxing fight featuring two time world champion, Remy Bonjasky and couldn’t help but think how much he reminded me of 80’s icon, Grace Jones. (I can't remember for the life of me how I found this one.)

:: Hey, I was on TV last night! (I forgot he was going to be on. I would have watched for that, despite my not liking the show.)

:: Does anyone know why so many trucks on US highways have plates from Oklahoma, Illinois and Maine? (I'd like to know, too. I know that Wal-Mart is headquartered in Oklahoma, but is their main distribution center there? Heck, given the size of Wal-Mart, how many distribution centers do they have in this country, anyway? [It's in Arkansas, you idiot! Oops.])

OK, that's all for this week. Remember to submit links to good posts you read in 2006! (And you can pimp your own blogs as well, remember.)


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Wal-mart is still headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Aaron said...

Oh, and this one too:

The breeze blew in from the ocean, the flags around the courtyard flowed and dipped, and a silver wind gauge spun...counter-clockwise.

Anonymous said...

As Steve Gerber's FOOLKILLER miniseries amply demonstrates, everyone's an asshole to somebody, sometime. I'm certainly no exception.

I love that "Jesus saves" line, though.

Thanks for the link.