Thursday, January 25, 2007

Raise a glass for Charlie Mops

Not much time for blogging tonight, so just a couple of notes:

:: Reading the paper at work this morning, I saw that Labatts is moving its USA headquarters to Buffalo. Labatts is a Canadian beer that's really big in these parts, so having their HQ here makes some sense. For myself, I like Labatts, but I'm more of a Yuengling guy.

:: How come it's always the Japanese who are getting close contact with rare sea beasties? First that giant squid from a few weeks back, now the frilled shark.

:: I see that James Cromwell will be on 24, playing Jack Bauer's father. I think that there's some kind of cosmological law about TV series and James Cromwell; something like "As the number of seasons a series lasts on television increases, the probability of a guest turn by James Cromwell approaches 1". We can call this the "Cromwell Conjecture".

And...well, that's about it. Later.

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