Monday, January 08, 2007

Sic transit gloria bloggi

I didn't discover this until just a few minutes ago, but Michael Berube has closed his blog. For some reason, he never became a regular read of mine, despite the fact that every time I read him, I loved what I read. Odd. Here he divulges the real reason he's leaving Blogistan:

I’ve now taken the medium as far as it can go. I feel it’s too constrained, too limiting. My new project for 2007 will involve v-casting my enormous looming ghostly head directly into your living room so that I can harangue you and your loved ones at any hour of the day.

Well, good luck with that. There are so many ghostly heads bobbing about my living room that it's getting crowded. And that's to say nothing of the way the clouds often roll in, take the form of a giant lion head, and tell me that I am the one true King of Pride Rock. But anyway, bon voyage to Mr. Berube.

(And Berube's comment above reminds me, for no good reason, of a funny quip I saw on this MeFi thread devoted to alternative keyboards like Dvorak:

I predict that in 800 years time when all humans live as .hum files running on virtual computers in postbiological cyberspace, our virtual keyboards will still use the QWERTY layout.

Hmmmm...if I'm just a .hum file, why can't God just rewrite certain parts of the file? Like the time I....

(I know that the Latin title of this post makes no sense at all. Roll with it, people!)

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