Sunday, January 21, 2007

Pay Tree Ott Miss Teek

Scott Lemieux says this of the New England Stupid Patriots:

The Pats are become a little like the last Yankee dynasty. The Yankees won in 1998 with a historically great team, got complacent, but continued to win with teams that eked out increasingly threadbare wins against better teams, which were evidence not of catching some breaks but of their incredible Character and Knowing How To Wintiude and Jeterology. And then the breaks started going against them and the Character mysteriously vanished although the teams got better again. The analogy isn't perfect--the Pats' dynasty started with a Super Bowl win against a much better team, but became great--but because of their success their win last week is being discussed more as evidence of some incredible force of their team's karma rather than more accurately as a stone fluke.

And then he picks them to win anyway. That's some mystique those StuPats have got there!

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