Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Roaming the Buffalo Prefecture

Some quick hits on stuff I'm reading about the Buffalo Prefecture of Blogistan today:

:: According to Random Thoughts 101, there's still some lingering bitterness in Baltimore over the way the Colts were moved from that city to Indianapolis. Well, I used to feel for the poor folks of Baltimore, until they found another NFL owner who was perfectly willing to do to his city what the Colts owner did to theirs.

That Art Modell has a Super Bowl ring and Ralph Wilson does not is one of the greatest miscarriages of Karma in sports history.

:: Jennifer points out a t-shirt with an obnoxious message. She also liked 2006.

:: Bill Altreuter speculates on the ending of empires.

:: Want to know where the Sabres stand as the NHL season reaches the halfway mark? BFLOBlog breaks it down for you.

:: Red swears in front of his kids, something for which I'm totally qualified to judge him because I've never used salty language in front of The Daughter. (You can take my word for it. No need to ask her for confirmation. Nope, just take my word for it.)

:: Kevin hates a particular metaphor that's all over the place in Buffalo right now. I agree. (Oh, and "oogy" is, indeed a word. It's defined as "the state of health that is between 'meh' and 'bleeccchhh'".)


Kevin J. Hosey said...

The it's set, Jaquandor; I am adding "oogy" to my Mac's dictionary.

Kevin J. Hosey said...

Egad; that should read "Then it's set..."

Roger Owen Green said...

I may have sworn once in front of Lydia - something dropped on my foot - but my wife isn't even happty with the euphamisms (sugar!)

Rob said...

I've always thought "piss or get off the pot" was much more civilized.