Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Serving Suggestion

The inventor of Ramen Noodles is dead, at the age of 96.

I haven't eaten Ramen in a while, but I do still like it, and I keep them on hand for when I get an actual bit of craving for them. (Seriously. I like to butter up a piece of rye crisp and dip it into the Ramen broth. That's good eatin'!) The Wife refuses to have any part of Ramen, having decided that she's long past the stage of her life when she needs to eat anything that comes eight for a buck, but I loved them when I was a kid, many years before I got to the stage of Friday night internal dialogues like this: "Hmmm, I've got ten bucks. If I spend two bucks on Ramen, I can eat all next week, and still buy four beers at the bar as long as I drink Old Style!".

So anyway, here's to Momofuku Ando. Long may your noodles boil for three minutes in water before being flavored with the mysterious contents of that little foil packet!

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popeyemoon said...

Yes Ramen Noodles,with egg rags,a bit of chopped peppers.cooked in motel rooms as I only could afford that and caned beans as I was working as a doodlebuger.