Monday, January 01, 2007

Did they execute Order 66?

Most years, we spend New Year's Morning watching the Rose Parade. Today, though, we left the teevee off and cooked a nice pancake breakfast for ourselves.

Then I find out that George Lucas was the Grand Marshall, and that the parade had a Star Wars theme.

So I missed it. Arrrgghhhh!!!

More photos here. And a MeFi thread with some mild geek-bashing, and a typical attack on Lucas himself:

Now that the Rose Parade is over, tomorrow George Lucas will want to hold it again, adjust everyone's colors, and call it The Rose Parade: The Director's Cut. On Wednesday George Lucas will rearrange everyone's placement and add a bunch of unneccessary crap and call it the The Rose Parade: The Collector's Edition. By late June, we should have the Collector's Edition of the Final Original Director's Rose Parade.

Yeah, because Lucas is the only filmmaker doing anything like that!

Wow, am I feeling pouty today. Oh well.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a video of the Star Wars section of the Rose Parade on youtube: