Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Because if I wear it anywhere else, it chafes.

In the 1980s, when the movie Real Genius came out, I really wanted to see it (based on a couple of hilarious clips I saw on Siskel and Ebert), but its theatrical engagement in the Southern Tier wasteland town in which I lived lasted less than the film's running time, so I missed the movie entirely. I didn't get to see it until my college years, when it became a "Beers and Movie Night" staple; a lot of its dialogue became part of the vernacular for the little circle of friends I had.

Now, wouldn't you know it -- a sequel is in the works.

I'm conflicted. Part of me wants to see if they can capture that lightning in the bottle again; the other part of me is screaming, "huh-whuh?!". Anyway, we'll see.

(And if you haven't seen Real Genius, for the love of God, what are you waiting for?!)

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Anonymous said...

That ought to be sweet. However improbable a storyline they have to invent, it's going to be worth it to revisit Chris Knight.

"It's a moral imperative..."