Sunday, December 10, 2006

You're such a tease!

So I log into Blogger the other day and see a big banner thing across the top of the "dashboard" page (for non-Blogger users, the "dashboard" is the main page you see when you first sign in, before you start writing posts and stuff to your various blogs), telling me that I was at last allowed to make the migration over to the new BloggerBeta. So I clicked the link, only to be told that I actually can't make that migration yet; and when I clicked the "More info" link, I see that this is likely because they can't do "huge" blogs yet, where "huge" is defined as having several thousand posts (check) and/or very lengthy comment threads (not so much). So here I am, still stuck in non-Beta land. Not that this is such a big deal, but I'd like to do the "post-labels" thing, even if I have no intention of actually going through my archives and categorizing my more than 5000 posts.

(Yeah, that's right, I've written more than 5000 posts in this space. Ye Gods.)


lazydog said...

Be careful, friend. I've read some stories about those who've upgraded having trouble with comments, as well as making their blogs incompatible with WordPress import. If you're at all thinking about using a different blogging system in the future, I'd recommend that you not pull the trigger just yet.

j streed said...

5000 posts. I think that I might have written 5000 words, total, for my three blogs (two of which are goners, with the third totally idle. or sessile, as it were).

Yoodaman. Keep on truckin' :-)