Monday, December 11, 2006

Sentential Links #78

In general I'm on the computer a lot less this time of year, so fewer links than normal between now and January. But now:

:: Then shall the world tremble before our assembled might! Arr! (An anthology of stories involving piracy on the high seas? Wow!)

:: Fruitcakes are the definition of baked goods people buy to give away. Adulteration happened. By the time everyone got around to comparing notes on how nasty most commercial fruitcake had become, we’d raised a generation of kids who wouldn’t eat fruitcake on a bet. (To this day, I don't think I've ever had fruitcake at all, either homemade or store-bought. I might try one this year.)

:: Yes, nothing quite says "Christmas Cheer" like going to your parents' graves and shouting that they deserved to be gunned down in a filthy alley.

:: The blonde insists our first date was a week earlier, on December 1st. I refuse to accept this. (Well, yeah. A date, as Cameron Crowe clearly established in Say Anything, consists of "Prearrangement...with the possibility for love." Just hangin' out with friends and having pizza is a "scam". Or maybe not. The movie never cleared up that particular point.)

:: William Tager was born on a parallel Earth in the year 2265. (My new seventh-favorite blog. The six in front of it? I'll never tell!)

:: I mean, we may have met in the Little Pony aisle of Target, eh? (Ah, My Little Pony...and the porn stars!)

:: Overalls, no longer stigmatizing, are as American as apple pie and Apple iPods. (A news article and not a blog post, but it's always nice to see a little love for the overalls!)

Enough for this week. Keep well, folks. The world's a harsh place, full of vultures, vultures everywhere!


popeyemoon said...

Do not eat any fruit cake,it is only useful for boat anchors.

Anonymous said...

Fruitcake is great! In the modern spirit of fairness, tolerance and political correctness I DEMAND that all fruitcake jokes and insults stop immediately! We fruitcake lovers vow to march naked in front of the White House if this unfair defamation does not stop! ;-)

Seriously, make it yourself and use good, dried fruit not that "candied fruit" that does not much resemble either fruit or candy.

Roger Owen Green said...

There was a reception last weeek after our concert, and there was something that looked like cake - it had frosting - and I bit into it, and it was Jamaican fruitcake, which I tossed at first opportunity. the REAL BAD thing is that the very nice woman who made it asked me if I tried it (yes) and liked it (I wasn't quick enough to tell a good lie, or even come up with a more tactful response, so I just said, "no", which, I suspect hurt her feelings a little.