Friday, November 12, 2004

The sweater-vest, and other abominations against Man.

For some reason I'm seeing some stuff about sweaters around lately. Sweaters are pretty much essential in Buffalo from late October until, say, early March (and often even later), so I own more than a few.

First I saw this page, in which some guy decides to model some of the ugliest sweaters he owns, complete with snarky commentary on said sweaters. It's a pretty funny thing, except for one small detail: I actually like some of these sweaters. A few of them I'd possibly consider buying if I saw them on the clearance rack at JCPenney. Now, I really do think that some of these are horrible -- particularly the red-and-blue number on the third page that looks to me like an extreme closeup of the invaders in "Space Invaders" -- but a few of them I genuinely like. (Although my own preference in sweaters tends toward solid colors, I do like the occasional "pattern".)

I will also note that I don't think this guy looks good in sweaters to begin with. He seems to pull them all down to their maximum length, and they all seem to conform to his body contour a little too readily. The guy isn't fat, by any means -- I'm fat, so I ought to know -- but I believe that sweaters should, well, blouse a bit. Form-fitting sweaters only work if you're a woman, and this guy ain't no woman.

(Oh, and at one point he jokes that one of his sweaters is "Wagner's Ring Cycle on spin cycle". I don't get the joke.)

I don't know what this says about my fashion sense (I'm sure Matt will soon comment), but then, I don't recall ever being known for my fashion sense, at any point in my life. Go figure. (I don't recall where I saw this linked first, so I can't offer credit yet.)

Also, QuirkyChick comments on sweaters, and her inability to find one she likes these days. Ah well. I haven't looked for sweaters in a long time, so I don't know what's out there.

(BTW, QuirkyChick's blog has this really cool thing where you can completely change the skin of the blog. Check that out -- it's neat.)

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