Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Oh, yeah, the ShiBills played.

Maybe it's my general apathy on many things lately, but I found relatively little excitement in the Buffalo Shitty Bills' 37-17 blowout win over the St. Louis Rams the other day. It was a fun game to watch, but it in no way indicates anything about the ShiBills' problems right now, especially since the special teams accounted for over 200 yards and at least 14 points either directly or indirectly. They had six sacks, but most of those came on blitzes, which continues to frustrate: teams that live by the blitz tend to eventually die by the blitz, and the ShiBills have done a lot of dying lately. So it was a fun afternoon of football, but it wasn't any kind of great harbinger of things to come.

I would like to know just why, if Mike Mularkey was willing to toss J.P. Losman into the last minutes of a blowout loss against the New England Stupid Patriots and watch him get slaughtered, he wasn't also willing to put Losman into the final moments of a blowout win over the Rams so he could get a bit more exposure to the speed of an NFL game. Weird.

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