Sunday, November 14, 2004

I've been let down by my readers!

A while back we spent a Saturday wandering around to various garage sales, and at one of these, the Daughter somehow ended up with one of those "Furby" things". This one had no batteries, but she liked it because she likes goofy-looking fluffy beasties.

Well, this morning the Daughter discovered that I had bought a new pack of AA batteries, and she immediately assumed that I had purchased them for the Furby. I, of course, took pity on her because she's nursing a nasty cold and loaded four AAs into the fluffy white beastie.

So now there's this little white thing sitting on the floor, making very weird noises at what appear to be random intervals. It's the creepiest damn thing, like, ever. Seriously.

Why, O why, did none of my readers warn me of the elemental evil that is the Furby!

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