Monday, November 08, 2004

Palpatine for Senate in 2006!

Wow, I seem to be in danger of becoming an actual political blogger. This scares me, because what I have in determination to help Democrats win in the future is balanced by my lack of policy knowledge and insight into such matters. So I suspect that like anything else, I'll wax and wane on the politics, and right now I'm waxing.

So anyway, time for a bit of Star Wars stuff. Back in 2000, hosted a series of articles called "The Phantom Heresies" that delved first into The Phantom Menace and later into Star Wars in a more general manner. I just discovered the other day that these articles are still available, and they still make for interesting reading, even if some plot conjectures have since turned out to not be the case. The most interesting article, to me, is Star Wars as Ritual Theater.

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