Monday, November 08, 2004

Open Letter to people who write Open Letters

There's an Open Letter to the Democratic Party that's proving pretty popular in right-leaning Blogistan; purporting to be a stern rebuke of everywhere the Democrats went wrong, it's actually more of the same we've seen many times before. One imagines a political Henry Higgins singing in frustration, "Why can't a Democrat be more like a Republican?"

Anyway, a pretty good response to the bullet points of this "Open Letter" can be found in the comments to this DPS post. I find particularly interesting that every linking of this piece I've seen thus far congratulates the writer on point #6 (a variant on "the Left hates Bush too much"), without any attention at all to the vast brownfields of hateful rhetoric that the Right has been firing at the Left for years. "How dare you hate our guy!" coming from folks who have hated our guys for a very long time seems less like insight to me, and more like chutzpah.

Despite what the writer says, I very much doubt that there's any way that a Democrat could have had her vote.

I also found interesting the fact that the "Open Letter" is in the form of a blog post, but it's apparently the only post that exists on that blog. So someone has used Blogger to get a single essay out there, for free. Interesting use of the idea, I must admit.

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