Tuesday, November 02, 2004

I don't wanna know I don't wanna know I don't wanna know

So one moment I hear the Daughter say that she's going to play a card game. Two minutes elapse, and the next thing I hear from her is "Ready...aim...FIRE!"

I don't know what she's playing, but it probably makes "Texas Hold 'Em" look like "Go Fish".

Also, random stuff from around Blogistan before I shut it down for a night of watching election returns our rented copy of Ella Enchanted:

:: Twelve Angry Mennonites. No, seriously.

:: Wonder Woman for President. No, seriously. (Of course, long-time readers will remember the two greatest Wonder Woman pictures ever.)

:: Voting Instructions. (If you're not reading Mr. Sun, by the way, you're missing some seriously funny stuff.)

:: Tom Burka identifies the real reason Bush's reelection campaign is in trouble. No, seriously.

:: PZ Myers reports on the history of Halloween. Of course, it's the history of Halloween via a Chick Tract, but it is most definitely a history of Halloween.

:: If you've read John Barnes's Heinlein-esque "Jak Jinnaka" novels, you've probably wondered at the new words Barnes scatters through his book, like "Toktru". Tenser, said the Tensor provides a glossary of sorts.

:: War and art figure in a "Then and Now" item from Alex Ross.

:: Dave Thomas thinks Salma Hayek is hot. Dave also thinks that water is wet. (In the very first picture Dave provides, though, Ms. Hayek is wearing what must be the most uncomfortable-looking article of feminine apparel I have ever seen. Jee-bus.)

That's it for now.

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