Monday, November 01, 2004

Best Debate Dodge EVER

Over on the ever-amusing FilmScoreMonthly message boards, a typically entertaining discussion of what is art and what is not is raging, with the resident Ayn Rand worshipping "Objectivist" insisting that Jackson Pollock did not produce art, and a reasonable guy I know from my Usenet days, Nicolai Zwar, providing the bulk of the opposition. The Objectivist has a habit in all such threads over there of basically ducking out when the going gets especially tough, saying something like "Gee, those are interesting points, and I'll respond when I have time" after response upon response of typical Objectivist drivel like "The Law of Non-contradictory Identification clearly says that A cannot be not-A" and calling people "Subjectivists" as if this constitutes some form of insult. The resident Objectivist also likes to make vague references to his own teaching and academic activities (despite the fact that Google searches of the guy's name turn up no evidence of any such activity at all). All this leads to his latest "ducking of the issue", posted today:

I will respond in-depth to Nicolai's latest offering when I get the chance. Right now, though, I am too busy trying to complete a philosophic discourse on the Rule of Law.

It's times like that when you wish the Internet had windows that you could open to let the hot gas out.

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