Saturday, November 20, 2004

Questions that Answer Themselves

It's probably a given that I should be hearing this question nearly four tims an hour at The Store, what with Thanksgiving coming this week and all, but still, you wish people would stop to analyze their thought processes just a little bit before posing their query.

"Where would I find the frozen turkeys?"

The question contains its own answer, folks.

(BTW, in a particularly proud moment of Shared Geekery, I was joking around at The Store with a guy from the Meat Department whose unfortunate job it is to keep the freezer case stocked with turkeys. I was ruminating that it would be funny if the reefer-truck in which we keep the turkeys in their boxes before being put out on the sales floor was simply stolen -- say, if someone just pulled in with a semi, hitched up the reefer-trailer, and pulled away with all of the turkeys. I then added a fateful quip:

"All your turkeys...

And the Meat Guy, whose knowledge of geeky trivia in many areas puts my own to shame, immediately lit up and finished the thought:

"...are belong to us!"

It was a beautiful moment. William Shatner would have cried to behold it.)

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