Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I'd Rather be in Philadelphia....

So Dan Rather's retiring, eh? Damn, that news is about as earth-shaking as the revelation that chicken tastes like chicken. I'm sure a lot of right-leaning people are ecstatic, since for some reason Rather has come to be the bete noir of the whole idea of the "liberal media", but for me, I don't care, because I haven't watched a network newscast -- any network newscast -- in years. I kind of like Rather when he's on Letterman, but even in that regard, I like Tom Brokaw more. But really, who cares?

BTW, here's an oldie from Letterman: Top Ten Things Dan Rather Would Never Say on the CBS Evening News. I'm sure that right-leaning folks will get an unintentional guffaw out of Number One, but hey, those are the risks we run!

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