Monday, April 22, 2013

Sentential Links

Pilfering more participants from A-to-Z this week....

:: Kind of cheating today, since the letter Q doesn't exist in the Greek alphabet! So, quests it is (it was a toss up between quests and queens) and I'm going with the quests of Theseus.

:: For the challenge this year, I have decided to challenge you. Because I love mathematics codes, and riddles, my 26 posts will test your brain. (Gotta look back on this one....)

:: Admittedly, one of Marvel's well as obscure characters. I think this one might be the most obscure of the whole twenty-six I planned for this challenge.

:: Six years ago my husband bought me a beautiful leather journal for Christmas. The journal sat on a shelf for a few months because I wasn’t sure what I should write in it.

I wanted it to be more than a diary. I have to be honest, I always felt a little corny when I would write a daily entry in the diary I received when I was younger. The process felt forced to me.

:: Need help knowing how to talk to your teenage son? First off, what NOT to do: Never ask him directly how he feels. If you make that mistake, your conversation will be very short and will likely involve nothing but shrugs and grunts on his part.

:: When I was researching this piece, I found that Rachel had done a huge amount of film scores that I really love and actually own. It's great to see women making their way in this still hugely male dominant arena.

:: The electronic format is definitely a large part of the future of gamebooks, but I'm hopeful that printed versions will continue to be produced, aka Destiny Quest. I'd like to see gamebooks explore different concepts - while hack 'n' slash has its place, it would be great to see gamebooks where the choices made have real consequences, beyond "you don't have this item so the dragon eats you". Imagine a gamebook based on the ideas explored in Planescape: Torment or Tides of Numenera. (I have no idea what a 'gamebook' is. I need to look this up.)

:: Questions left unanswered. It's a bit of a long stretch but what I really mean is cliffhangers. I have a very love/hate relationship with cliffhangers.

I LOVE writing them and watching as chaos erupts around me.

However, I hate being on the reading end when a bomb drops and you know theres no way you're sleeping tonight because you just have to finish the whole book after that.

More next week. Maybe. Or not. Who can tell, in these times of unpredictability? I could just end this post in the middle of a word, breaking off in highly strange fash

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??? said...

A gamebook is a book that starts the story and then, after a couple of paragraphs, asks the reader what they want to do. You get multiple choices usually and then read on at a certain page depending on your choice. Choose Your Own Adventure is the most popular series around, I think. I used to love those (although I cheated like mad).