Monday, April 01, 2013

Sentential Links


:: “I can’t believe we missed the ham party at the fire hall because we were sick.”

:: Well, there are multiple meanings. That's the point. Imaginative acts, stories, are told in part because of their polyvalence, their richness, their ambiguity. We can talk about how freedom hits us unprepared; how it always requires outside assistance, and cannot be accomplished on one's own; about how it requires various restrictions, symbolized by abstaining from leaven for eight days; about how it is communal and not individual. That our freedom was given, not earned; that it is not yet complete. It forces us to think about the nature of liberation and history and memory. It opens to the meanings we give it.

:: Shutting off the comments, even for just a few days now, has been such a positive experience. I still hear from you guys, but the conversation seems to be more in-depth, more useful. (See? I coulda killed the comments altogether!)

:: Finally, speaking of Shatner's age, does he look great for a man of 82 or what? We should all age so gracefully...

:: I am not sure why people will line up for stupid Spider-Man movies where Peter Parker goes out hunting for revenge but not for awesome movies about G.I. Joe. This seems rather silly to me.

:: Mars is such an odd place. Thick gray basaltic sand is everywhere, covered itself by fine dust (tinged red due to iron oxide: rust). Cratered, battered, barely holding an atmosphere, yet it still has ways of reminding us of home. Comparative planetology is a fascinating field.

:: I have been reading like crazy, writing every day, exercising every day, and pushing many projects forward, with my sheer force of belief in them. This is challenging but it’s also the only way. It requires a belief in the unknown. It requires the ability to see your own success, however much it is not manifested in the current moment. (It is the only way. It really, truly is. I wish they could find a way to put that lesson into the minds of people at 21, because I'd have a lot more done with my life had I realized this way back when I was younger and more energetic. But then, I didn't know shit back then, so it's a tradeoff, innit?)

:: You want to be a writer?

Keep writing.
(That says quite a lot of it, doesn't it?)

More next week. Or not. Harumph.

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