Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So why do I see Bob Balaban?

I know, LOLCats are the "low-hanging fruit" of blogging, but I found this one highly clever:

(Extra geek cred to readers who get the title of this post.)


Jason said...

2010 Bob Balaban or Close Encounters Bob Balaban?

Roger Owen Green said...

I always associate BB with Altered States.
Oh, no, geek cred! Where do I spend it?

Kelly Sedinger said...

Jason: Jaws Bob Balaban! (He would write in his "Making of CE3K" diary that he was constantly getting mistaken for Richard Dreyfus, because his look in CE3K is similar to Dreyfus's from Jaws (same hair, beard, and wire-rim glasses).

Roger: Geek Cred is spendable on the Internet...but only for more Geek Cred!