Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Yes, I did.

I got home from voting a short while ago. My polling place changed this year, from the community room in the main building of our own apartment complex to the gymnasium of the Catholic school down the street. I suppose this is because they needed more room to put tables, since we're now no longer using the "flip the lever" gizmo and are instead filling in the ovals on paper ballots that we then stick into the scanner ourselves. I always enjoy voting as an exercise, even if they seemed a bit disorganized today -- the only signage directing people where to go assumed you knew what Assembly district you live in, and to be honest, I have no idea. So I had to ask if I was in the right line. (I was.)

And since the polling place workers are all elderly volunteers, everybody had to shout their names to be heard. But still, it took me all of ten minutes to vote, and nine of that was standing in line. That's the nice thing about being unwilling to vote Republican unless the Democrat is literally an axe murderer; takes a lot less time to just go across the top and fill in the circle next to every Democrat on the ballot.

Anyway, now to see what happens.

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