Monday, November 01, 2010

Bring on the Bucs!!!

Yeah, right...but as I write this, it's about ten minutes since the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. I didn't pay a great deal of attention, but I always try to be watching when the final out of a World Series takes place, and tonight was no exception. A few thoughts:

:: The game ended around 10:35 pm, Eastern Time. Wow. For baseball, that's ridiculously early, innit? I've seen World Series games decided after midnight in recent years.

:: And since it ended early, Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum won't be out quite as late on a school night! (Seriously, the guy looks like he's 14.)

:: FOX Sports does a great job with its World Series and baseball coverage. They really do. One thing I always love about them is the way they have a camera on just about everybody on the team that's going for the win in the 9th, so when the final out happens, they've got footage of every single player's reaction as they see the last out and start jumping for joy, screaming, and charging for the pile-up on the pitcher's mound. That's always very cool.

:: They also had the obligatory footage of a crowd's reaction in San Francisco as the final out happened. It was the usual stuff -- a crowd of mostly young-ish people suddenly jumping up and down and screaming and hugging as their hometown boys won the title. The camera then panned across the crowd, and suddenly there's a little old lady, maybe all of five feet tall and around 80 years old, jumping and screaming and looking for someone to High-Five with the best of 'em. What a great moment!

Congrats to the Giants!


Roger Owen Green said...

I watched more of this World series than any since the 2000 NY/NY series, because the hours (exc Sunday) were reasonable. And as an old SF Giants fan, I'm happy w the outcome, though I couldn't have named more than 3 players - so THAT'S where Burrell, Huff, and Reteria went to. And Brian Wilson isn't making music anymore?

Anonymous said...

i keep forgetting that you have ties to Pittsburgh too. I'm thrilled for my family. my father in law and wifey were hard core true orange and black Giants fans so I imagine they are somewhere rejoicing after years of torture. But I remain true to my Buccos...the Buccos of the the era of the Great One and Captain Wiilie and the Family.
those were the days!