Wednesday, November 03, 2010

100 Tweets about overalls

OK, I recently got a search engine hit for "100 Reasons Why Overalls Are Awesome". Well, I suppose I could come up with such a list, but...well, I don't feel like doing that much work, even though I've certainly done my own yeoman duty on singing the praises of bib overalls throughout the years! So I'll just do something lazy, and do a search on Twitter for "overalls", and post the tweets the amuse me the most. Here we go!

(Oh, I'm not actually grabbing a hundred of these. I haven't got that kind of time.)

NEW RULE: Overalls are not conducive to dancing to (80’s) Music. It makes the nipples raw. That is all. (Here's why shirts are handy.)

Case in point: this guy asked me out the day I wore a skirt. The next day, I wore overalls, and he broke up with me. *sigh* (Some guys are idiots. What can I say?)

So in my college years guys always thought it was hot when girls wore overalls but I just found out why they really wore them...yuck. (No idea.)

If I do not maintain my appearance with clippers, it looks like I'm wearing fuzzy overalls (I'm trying not to picture this.)

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." ~Thomas Edison (Judging by how often this shows up in the search results, this must be the most popular quote about overalls in history.)

Wearing only overalls in public should never replace pants and a shirt. Put on a shirt, old man. (For God's sake, yes. They don't cover everything, guys.)

Some redneck in overalls just picked his kid up at the bus stop while holding his hunting rifle! WTF?!

I miss wearing overalls. (So wear them! Do you need a permission slip from The Queen of Fashion or something?)

Only babies and toddlers should wear bib overalls. (Duly noted. Next.)

Th-this guy just walked in wearing overalls. I don't know how to feel. (Such angst over some stranger's clothes! How will we go on! Style points for stammering on Twitter, though.)

I wish overalls were instyle. I would wear 'em all the time. (Again with the notion that the arbitrary decisions of other people should determine what we do. Weird.)

I haven't researched outside of this rural Georgia McDonald's yet, but so far my study shows that 87% of Americans wear overalls. (This cracked me up. For the win!)

Didn't wash my painting trousers till yesterday afternoon and they are still damp. Wearing damp overalls is not the best start to a Monday.

It was not a good idea for my roommate to wear overalls while I'm high. (I don't wanna know.)

I'M NEVER TAKING THESE OVERALLS OFF. Soo comfy! :) (Now there's the spirit!)

OK, I'm done now. Sifting through a bunch of tweets can be a horrible, horrible experience. If tweets are representative of how some people actually talk, civilization is doomed. But overalls are awesome!


SK Waller said...

Overalls are kind of a hassle for women, but I love them anyway.

Roger Owen Green said...

civilization IS doomed. some orange man has taken over the House.