Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More tools for the job

On the way home from work today I was listening to the local Sports Talk radio station, and they were doing a brief bit with former Buffalo Sabre Rob Ray, who talks on the station on days when the Buffalo Sabres play. At one point, the conversation turns to athletes and their use of Twitter, and one of the hosts asked Ray if he had any plans to start a Twitter account.

Ray's response was along the line of this: "No way, man! My phone is ancient and you can barely text with it! How am I gonna do Twitter?"

And I'm thinking, Geez, the cell phone has become so dominant in our culture that we forget that there are things called computers?

Every so often I read articles either online or in magazines like WIRED which predict the demise of the PC, the laptop, and pretty much anything bigger than an iPad. I'm clearly no Luddite, but I like my laptop and I have no desire for something like an iPad, which I'm pretty sure would be a pain-in-the-ass to write with. I want a full keyboard, a screen that's at least 15 inches, and I'm not impressed with something that's super-super thin.

Come to that, I'm not sure I like anything in which thin-ness is touted as a highly desirable quality. Super-thin pizza? Meh. Thin models are ugly models. Thin computers? Do not want.

Yeah. Give the fat tools, please. Give me your big, your bulky, your heavy masses yearning to generate lots of lap heat!

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